I regularly give workshops for mental health professionals and organizations, talks to the community, and presentations to researchers and trainees.  If you’d like to arrange a talk or workshop for your organization, please contact me.

Selected 2018 Events

  • 9 November. Nonpharmacological Interventions for Insomnia. Provider training workshop given to licensed mental health professionals with Well-Being Training Institute, Atlanta GA (6 CEUs)
  • 5 October. Sleep for Peak Performance. Workshop given to employees with McKinsey & Company for Shleep, Lima, Peru.
  • 19 May. A Better Night’s Sleep: Understanding and Addressing Sleep Disorders for You and Your Patients. Workshop given to members of San Mateo County Psychological Association (6 CEs), Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, Burlingame.

“Kate is a thoughtful, knowledgeable presenter. I can tell she is an expert in her field. Absolutely amazing day!”

-Anonymous workshop feedback, November 2018

Selected 2017 Events

  • June. Living a fuller life with idiopathic hypersomnia. Invited address given to Hypersomnia Foundation Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.
  • June. Light flashes during sleep with adjunct cognitive behavioral therapy increases sleep in teens. Research presented at SLEEP Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Selected 2016 Events

  • 19 February, 18 March. Sleep Workshop. Workshops given to employees of McKinsey & Company with Els van Der Helm, San Francisco and Palo Alto.
  • 25 April. Insomnia Workshop.  Workshop given to employees of Facebook with Els van der Helm, New York NY.
  • 15 June. Correlates of Subjective Sleep Quality in Older Men and Women: A Machine Learning Analysis. Research presented at SLEEP Annual Meeting, Denver CO.
  • 18 August. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep. Talk given to Stanford University staff, BeWell speaker series, Stanford CA.

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.” … “Dr. Kate Kaplan is an excellent speaker.”

-Anonymous workshop feedback, August 2015

Selected 2015 Events

  • 29 August. Understanding and Addressing Sleep Disorders in Private Practice. Workshop given to members of San Mateo County Psychological Association (4 CEs), Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, Burlingame.
  • 5 August. Behavioral Management of Hypersomnia. Community talk given at the Alert, Well and Keeping Energetic (AWAKE) meeting, Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine, Redwood City.
  • 27 June. Interventions for Sleep and Sleepiness in Bipolar Disorder. Research presented at the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), University of California San Diego.
  • 17 April. Hypersomnia in Psychiatric Disorders: Diagnostic and Clinical Considerations. Talk given to the Stanford Sleep Medicine Fellows Didactic Series, Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine, Redwood City.
  • 3 March. Insomnia: Models, Mechanisms and Treatment Approaches. Talk given to Neurobiology of Sleep (Bio 149), Stanford University.

“The skilled sleep researcher managed to toss out concepts like homeostatic drive, the circadian system and the suprachiasmatic nucleus and still keep the audience on the edge of its seat.” 

– Cathy Fitzpatrick-Gerald, San Jose Mercury News, 2014